Garage Door Springs are Dangerous

The garage door can weigh up to five hundred pounds. It may vary depending on the material of the garage door. The question is what makes the garage door easy to operate with the help of one button. The answer is the efficient garage door spring system.

The more you learn about the functions of garage door springs and the stretch which they generate and release in order to lift the garage door, the more you realize how essential it is to have well-maintained springs. You should inspect, maintain, and replace the springs regularly to keep them in good running condition. Maintenance should be done at least at the beginning of summer and fall. The JT’s Overhead Door Cincinnati Garage Door Repair is a famous company that offers reliable services at a very affordable cost.

There are some simple questions to ask before taking a routine inspection. How many times during a day do you need to operate a garage door? Do you take it for granted believing that it will stay forever? You don’t even realize how dangerous it is?  When you open the garage door, the torsion springs which hold the door to keep it closed releases its stress at its most relaxed state and lift the garage door to open.

When the garage door is closed completely, the springs are placed at their most tensed state. In this position, springs stored all the energy. If they release their energy suddenly, it can cause serious injuries. This sudden release usually occurs when the garage door springs break down.  They are quite dangerous because they can smash anything including your vehicle and even you.

If it has been more than three years since you have had changed the garage door spring, then it is the right time to do so. Old or weak garage door springs can break any time and their metal pieces can fly in the air that you can kill you. So it is always advised that hiring a professional contractor to install, adjust, or repair the garage door springs. Adjusting garage door springs mean giving them requited tension. They are not too tight or too loose.

Although garage door springs adjustment is a simple concept it can be dangerous. If springs are mounted too loose, the garage door can slam down and if the garage door springs are placed tightly, they can suddenly break and can be fatal.


Of course, any garage door springs work is not easy to accomplish so it is strongly recommended to hire a professional when it comes to install, adjust, or replace the garage door springs. Reputed garage door companies offer guarantee for their work and warranties against services and products.


Art as a Form of Communication Across All Types of People

Not all people are the same. While there are those who are born fine and good, there are those who are born with a disability. Disability is the situation wherein the movement or the activity of a person is restricted. There are many causes of this. Sometimes, it is impairment if the sensory motors that are can cause disability. There are also times when the this can be caused by the impairment of the neurological and cognitive system. There are still many causes why people become handicapped, but nevertheless, the effect is the same – they are somewhat hampered by this and there are things that they cannot do as easily as those who do not suffer from the same disability.

Disability can also be acquired. There are times when the individuals who suffer from it were survivors of accidents. They can also be heroes who sacrificed themselves to save others. They may be victims of unfortunate circumstance such as a car accident after they back away from their garage door in Tempe and such disability was a product of it.

When people suffer from a disability, there are times when they think that their lives are over. They lose hope and they begin to suffer from depression. They think less of their selves compared to others. They forget their worth and they resolve to self-pity which can sometimes be destructive and harmful. They ruin themselves instead of picking up from where they left off and moving forward. They lose hope.

Dis Art Festival wants to address this. We want to give hem back the hope they have lost. We want to transform them back to their original selves, if not better. We want them to realize that it is not the end of the world and they could still play an important role in the community. This is by cultivating their innate talent and transforming it into something wonderful.

Annually, at Dis Art Festival, we celebrate the talents of our brothers and sisters who are handicapped. We showcase their talents and all forms and let them show to the world that the fire is kept burning in their hearts. The talents we feature usually from them are shown through different art forms. Sometimes it could be painting. But there are also times when there are sculptures made of different materials such as marble, cement, chalk, and even metal. We also feature wood carvings and sometimes baskets and clothes that are the product of weaving. You’d really be amazed at how creative they can be.

Aside from those who showcase their art, there are individuals who choose to show their talent through performance. There are always dance numbers and song numbers that are being performed. Sometimes, they also show their talent by playing a musical instrument in tune of a popular song. The effect is majestic and emotional which never fail to elicit tears from our audience.

The purpose of this is that to keep empowering them and to keep boosting their confidence. We want to show them a new light in this world. They may not be able to do normal activities, but they still have talents that when put into use, could make them rise above all.

Join us for our annual Dis Art Festival! We promise you good entertainment in music and art form.