ELEVATE: A DisArt Fashion Show

ELEVATE: A DisArt Fashion Show

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Thank you everybody for making this event an amazing success!

 Continued to visit our gallery and Ramp!


333 Rumsey St SW

Grand Rapids, 49503

Free & Open to the Public


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DisArt Volunteer

This is getting exciting! ArtPrize is just around the corner and we are thrilled that you would like to be part of the DisArt @ ArtPrize Volunteer Team.

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DisArt Partner Event

DISART FASHION SHOW Saturday, September 24, 8pm

SiTE:LAB, Rumsey St. Project during ArtPrize 2016

333 Rumsey Street SW Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

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DisArt Symposium

Disability Arts have emerged as one of the most dynamic and culturally significant contemporary art practices of the last 20 years, gaining international momentum through exhibitions, performances and festivals. DisArt Symposium: Disability Arts Now! will gather together academics, critics, artists, designers, and arts organization professionals to consider the current state of Disability Arts and its future, exploring together the multitude of dialogues embedded in the dynamic fusion of human disability and contemporary art.
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DIStopia looks at disability culture from the inside out. A podcast for us, by us.


DisArt Festival

DisArt made its debut with the inaugural DisArt Festival in April 2015. Considered a grand success, this international festival attracted more than 48,700 visitors who enjoyed a variety of exhibitions, performances, and workshops centered on Disability Arts and Culture.


Are you a fan of DisArt and it’s mission to change perceptions about disability one work of art at a time through curated programming and strategic partnerships?

If so, please consider donating to help sustain this important culture-changing work.

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DisArt Strives to...


people through art.


and honor disability as a natural human experience.


opportunities for people to gain a greater appreciation for the complex identities of those around them.


people about the role of disability in human life, the need for creative expression for all people, and the importance of community.


the social inclusion of people with disabilities by reducing the social barriers that might otherwise prevent them from engaging in the community.


to the sustainability of Grand Rapids by promoting its collective efforts to be an accessible and welcoming city.