Effective Garage Door Repair Techniques

With the passage of time, garage doors will malfunction due to major or minor problems that you can fix on your own. In case, you are capable enough and right expertise in handling DIY projects, then you can take a chance to do it.

If you are thinking about conducting garage door repair work on your own, this article will be beneficial for you to keep track of your project. The following mentioned are the common garage door problems that you can fix on your own. If you are not confident enough, then don’t try to handle it on your own. It is wise to consult a professional garage door company like, Pittsburgh garage door repair to bring back your garage door in tip-top condition.

The garage door is going up and down on its own. Although it might sound strange the logic behind it is very straightforward. Another person in your neighborhood might use a passcode that is similar to yours. It is a common situation. Their devices could interfere with the radio receiver of your garage door. The radios in airplanes and police vans could also have similar effects. The best solution to fix the problem is to change the security code. It is extremely easy to change the passcode.

Now the process of changing the security code is different for all types of garage door openers. In the latest models, you only have to hold the transmitter which is placed near the box of the opener and push the button for about one minute. The time can be confirmed by reading the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Modern garage door openers are designed with rolling code technology which changes the passcode through auto-pilot mode whenever the transmitter of the opener is utilized.

Another common problem could be that the garage door is getting stuck while going up and down when you operate it. For example, if you have an automatic garage door equipped with safety sensors that will detect any obstruction on its way to closing. These sensors will stop and reverses the garage door in order to avoid any incident.

This obstruction could be a broom, dried leaves, toy, or bucket. Therefore, once you remove these obstructions, the garage door should work efficiently. These issues could also happen if the photo eyes of sensors are got dusty or dirty. The lenses of sensors should be cleaned if any condensation is built up inside them.

Finally, if your garage door is not functioning when you push the transmitter of the opener and you think that the transmitter is not working. It could identify that the battery has low power which should be replaced.  If possible, then check the power source to determine if it is working. If you are unable to fix it, the transmitter could be damaged which should be replaced with the help of professional garage door technicians.