DisArt Symposium Sketch Notes


Alysha Lach White


Presenter: Julie McNamara

Title: Unruly Minds Unleashed

Video: Not Available

Presenter: Devva Kasnitz with Susan Fitzmaurice

Title: Devva Kasnitz with Susan Fitzmaurice: Performing Disability Self-Portraits, or Mute Mime Performs Paper or “How do you get Riva to do your portrait?”

Video: Available

Keynote Presenter: Riva Lehrer

Title: Riva Lehrer: “Presence and Absence: The Paradox of Disability and Portraiture”

Presenation: Available

Presenter: Jenna Reid

Title: The Aesthetics of Mad Art: Unpacking the Relationships Between Madness and Disability Arts and Culture

Presenation: Available

Presenter: Jessica Cooley, Declan Gould, Debra Keenahan, Stefanie Snider

Title: Material Conditions of Disability in Art and Its Histories

Presenation: Available (Gould, Keenahan, Snider) Not Available (Cooley) 

Presenter: Cheryl Green

Title: Acquiring A Broken Brain for Laughter and Tears: Representations of Brain Injury in Film 

Presentation: Available

Presenter: Alison Kopit

Title: Crip Aesthetics and Performing the Score of Myself

Presentation: Available

Presenter: Jim Ferris

Title: What Holds (the Stone Together: On Disability, Race, Identity) 

Presentation: Available

Presenter: Lawrence Carter-Long

Title: Beyond Trends and Tropes: Grindhouse, Arthouse and the Wacky Wonderful World of Underground Disability Cinema 


Presenter: Paul Amenta, Ted Lott, Alois Kronschlaeger, Chris Smit

Title: Hybrid Structures

Presentation: Available

Presenter: Sara Hendren

Title: Public is Plural: Disability, Design, and Audiences for our Work

Presentation: Available

Presenter: nili Broyer

Title: Crip Design: Affirming Disability, Contaminating Normalcy 

Presentation: Available

Presenter: Beth Bienvenu

Title: Voices From the Fields: Results from an Online Dialogue on Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities

Presentation: Available

Presenter: Benedict Phillips

Title: 3D Thinkers in a 2D World


Presenter: Ann Fox

Title: Disability and the Art of Quiet Protest: Stephen Karam’s The Humans

Presentation: Not Available

Presenter: Eliza Chandler, Nadine Changfoot, Carla Rice

Title: Compelled into Art: Cultivating Disability Art through Revisioning Difference

Presentation: Available


Presenter: Lu Auz

Title: Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching an Interdisciplinary Art History and Disability Studies Course

Presentation: Available


Presenter: Xing Cui, Keith Hansen

Title: Interior Design Solutions

Presentation: Available


Keynote Presenter: Julie McNamara

Title: Vital Voices

Presentation: Available


Presenter: Terry Galloway, Julie McNamara, Donna Nudd, Chris Smit, Jill Vyn

Title: “Boo Hoo Hoo and Screw You, Too!” (Radicalizing the Community Conversation about Disability in the Arts)

Presentation: Available

Presenter: KBOGroup (Keith Oberfield and Michele Ross) and DisArt (Chris Smit and Jill Vyn)

Title: “Boo Hoo Hoo and Screw You, Too!” (Radicalizing the Community Conversation about Disability in the Arts)

Presentation: Not Available