Call For Submissions

New Proposals Deadline: October 3, 2016

Disability Arts have emerged as one of the most dynamic and culturally significant contemporary art practices of the last 20 years, gaining international momentum through exhibitions, performances and festivals. DisArt Symposium: Disability Arts Now! will gather together academics, critics, artists, designers, and arts organization professionals to consider the current state of Disability Arts and its future, exploring together the multitude of dialogues embedded in the dynamic fusion of human disability and contemporary art.

DisArt Symposium: Disability Arts Now! will be a single track symposium. Space is limited. 20 minute papers, artist talks, workshop proposals, and performances are being considered from all potential participants (academics, artists, professionals). The following are suggestions for possible topics with preference given to proposals that align with the interests/keywords of our keynote speakers:

Defining Disability Arts
Curatorial Practices
Disability Arts and the Politics of Identity
Disability Arts Aesthetics (defined broadly)
Integrating Disability Arts In Local Arts Cultures: Creating Allies
Disability Arts History
International Disability Arts Practice and Programming
Disability Arts as “Outsider Art” or Art Brut
Disability and Design: Theory and Practice
Accommodation practices in Arts Institutions and Organizations
Prevalent themes in Disability Arts, including but not limited to embodiment, sensuality, movement, time and space, intersectionality, technology, subjectivity
Representation versus Abstraction in Disability Arts

Submission Guidelines
Submissions for papers, panels, or artist talks should be sent to (Subject: Symposium Submission) on or before October 3, 2016. Please include the following information in your proposal document (PDF or Word):
1. Title of Proposed Submission
2. Keywords for Proposed Submission (up to five)
3. Brief Description of Submission (500 words)
4. Short Bibliography (if applicable)
5. CV
6. Brief Biographical Statements for Potential Participants
7. Presentation Needs (access, production, etc.)

All submissions will be evaluated based on:
1. Relevance to the Symposium Theme/Vision
2. Ability to begin or sustain important dialogues within Disability Arts
3. Clarity of Concept
4. Academic and/or Critical Rigor

Submission Schedule

Submissions are due on October 3, 2016

Presenters notified on October 28, 2016

Registration for presenters opens November 14, 2016 with a December 5, 2016 deadline

Attendee registration opens on January 9, 2017