One of the most important components of DisArt is its volunteer team. We have many different fun tasks that we can’t complete ourselves and need YOUR HELP to do them! Explore all the ways listed below that you can be involved in DisArt 2015!

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Greet guest as they arrive at one of the three DisArt gallery spaces, distributing Festival maps, patron surveys and answering general questions. You will also help patrons with mobility issues opening doors, give directions to accessible bathrooms, and any additional needs. As an attendant, you are the first line of gallery security monitoring the space and ensuring the gallery rules are followed.

Serve as a DisArt ambassador at several locations within the footprint of the festival (Division Avenue to UICA to Grand Rapids Art Museum to Louis Avenue Hub to 250 Monroe Gallery). You will be equipped with maps and resources as you welcome guests and answer questions or provide directions. This is a 3 hour shift.

At the Hub, provide personal assistance/care to patrons with general needs. Help might include bathroom assistance, feeding, and other requests. Should have basic first aid training and CPR certification.

Serve on a team with other volunteers to help identify accessible venues, restaurants, and shops in downtown Grand Rapids. You will use a predetermined checklist regarding accessibility, and distribute stickers to venues meeting the requirements. This is a ‘pre’ festival opportunity.

Help bring the DisArt festival to life through your camera eye by taking action and candid photos throughout the Festival, documenting all exhibitions, events and people. Your work will appear in any DisArt social media or printed materials.

Assist with set up, breakdown, and cleanup after all DisArt events, including opening receptions, parties, performances, and public lectures.

Guide visiting groups through the gallery, providing a brief description of the exhibit and encouraging conversation. Experience in large group communication would be helpful. Extra training is involved.

Provide assistance prior to the Festival for a variety of important tasks, such as but not limited to folding Festival maps, arranging and organizing festival swag, setting up the Hub, hanging up posters, computer data entry, etc.

Serve as an assistant to help run the DisArt Hub, providing hospitality and support to visitors as they visit the Hub, including greeting guests, selling merchandise, distribute Festival materials, answering inquires, and any other activity that might be needed. This is a 3 hour shift.

Facilitate cross­-cultural communication through converting all written materials into Spanish and Braille, ensuring the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible.

Help bring the DisArt festival to the hearing impaired at events by listening to, understanding and translating the spoken words to American Sign Language.

We are happy to include our youngest volunteers to participate in the festival as well. Activities will vary depending on age and ability, but will all be kid­friendly. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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