About Us

Dis Art Festival is specially made to showcase the talents of those people with disability. This is created to encourage them to live a normal life like everyone else, especially those whose disability is acquired and not inborn.

Based on studies, it is them who feel more affected since they had already learned how to live a normal life once. They feel cheated when suddenly, due to unforeseen circumstances, their activities are suddenly hampered and restricted by the aftermath of whatever accident they went through. As a result, they feel depressed and develop this thinking that their life is already at its end. What is sad is that they get self-destructive at times which affect not only their personal lives but their family’s as well.

Dis Art Festival aims to help rehabilitate them by assisting them in acknowledging their special talents. We help them be more productive. Through various seminars and workshop, we help them develop new skills. In return, little by little, they find again their self-esteem and self-worth. Often times, they even use this acquired skill as a means of livelihood. They sell paintings and other art and hand-crafted materials to the public so that they have a means to sustain their self and their families.

This advocacy started in 2001. Since then, we are proud to say that we are able to help many people with disabilities already, whether their being handicapped is acquired or inborn. We helped them build new lives and renew hope. We help them be better individuals in the community – sometimes even better than those without any impairments. For us, this is fulfillment enough. Our only hope is that we are able to help more people in the future.

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