This Frequently Asked Questions page would bring you closer to the people behind the Dis Art Festival. It would also allow you to know more about the festival itself. This is a collection of common questions being asked by our guests and visitors on a regular basis so feel free to peruse them so you can be well guided as well if you are thinking of attending our festival.


Is Dis Art Festival an annual event?

Dis Art Festival is an annual event that started in 2001. It features different artwork from individuals in our society who are handicapped or with disability. Aside from visual arts, this festival also showcase talents of these individuals in performing arts.


Are those people with disability the only ones who can join this festival?

When it comes to performances and artworks that would be featured, we only accept those that are from individuals who are with disability. This is a festival for them after all. But you can attend as a guest or participate as a booth owner during this event.


Can artworks be bought at the festival?

We highly encourage you to buy artworks from the festival. This would go straight to the accounts of the artists since they also do this for a living. They would help a lot in sustaining them and their family every day. No percentage of the sales would go to the organization. This is made especially to showcase the talents of individuals with disability and to help them acquire additional funds for their needs.


Are the artists who create the artworks present during the event?

There are times when artists grace us with their presence. However, there are those who cannot come during the event because the crowd could feel a bit overwhelming for them. They are proven to feel stressed also around a big crowd. So, for safety reasons, they just do not attend the event. But you can set an appointment with them if you are interested in the artwork they sell.