Fixing and Maintaining Garage Doors

The garage door normally operates more than a dozen times a day. Therefore, routine maintenance is essential to keep the garage door functional effectively. Simple garage door fixing and maintenance tasks can be handled on your own but for major garage door problems should be left to experts. Here is a checklist for simple repair and routine maintenance tasks that every handyman can conduct without any hassle. These simple procedures are advised three to four times each year.

First of all, wash the exterior of the garage door with a soft brush and mild household detergent. Afterward, repaint the peeling, cracked, chipped paint especially if you have a wooden garage door. Use a vinyl cleaner to clean the weather sealing around the frame of the garage door and then lubricate them using a good silicone.

Inspect the rollers thoroughly. Prefer to replace them with plastic rollers for the smooth operations of a garage door. Broken rollers are easy to replace. You just need to use a socket wrench to lose the bolts holding the roller hinges and then remove the old rollers. Insert the new ones and fasten the bolts.

Examine the garage door tracks to make sure that they are aligned properly. If not, there is no need to remove them entirely, just lose the screws and bolts holding the tracks to the wall. Realign the track and refasten the bolts.

Close the garage door and inspect it from inside the garage to see if there is any dent, crimping, or flat spot in the track. These dents can be pounded using a block of wood, rubber hammer, or mallet. Avoid using a metal tool which could create more damages. Badly damaged tracks should be replaced with the help of professionals.

All loose moving hardware should be tightened when needed. Check the screws on the plates where the torsion springs are mounted and screws on hinges that hold the sections together. To fix the sagging movements of the garage door, screws of hinges should be tightened securely. In the next move, check the torsion springs to adjust their tension. Shift the spring’s hook to the next hole. Springs that have pulleys can be adjusted by simply pulling the cables through the metal plate at the top of a garage door. And then re-knot the end of the cable to maintain the tension.

Caution: An overhead garage door has one spring at the center of the garage door which cannot be handled by an average homeowner. The pressure on the spring is higher enough which can cause serious injuries. Garage door springs should be handled by a professional garage door contractor.

Routine garage door repair and maintenance should be done by a handyman. But major problems should be performed by a certified and trained garage door expert.